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We are always accepting applications for bar/waitstaff. Apply in person at the club and bring your vaild ID/DL, Social Security Card, TABC Certificate and Texas Food Handlers Permit these are musts and your application will not be accepted unless you have all of them at the time it is submitted.

Prospective Entertainers may also apply in person and must have a valid ID/DL and a social security card, same as above, you must have all documents in order before your application can be accepted.

Dress Code

  • No muscle shirts or cutoffs
  • No plain white tees
  • Football Jerseys (game days during season only)
  • Spurs Jerseys only on game days
  • No excessively baggy clothing
  • No rags, towels, bandanas in pockets
  • No do-rags or bandanas
  • No sweats or gym attire
  • No Hoodies
  • No Colors/Biker Vest No Exceptions
  • No chain wallets
  • No Flip-Flops or house shoes
  • No backwards caps at anytime
  • No facial tattoos
  • No neck tattoos
  • No gang tattoos


Sunday: 12 PM – 2 AM
Monday: 11AM – 2 AM
Tuesday: 11AM – 2 AM
Wednesday: 11AM – 2 AM
Thursday: 11AM – 2 AM
Friday: 11AM – 2 AM
Saturday: 11AM – 2 AM

8244 Interchange Parkway,
San Antonio, TX 78218

Ph: (210) 590-7018

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San Antonio Men’s Club

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